Why You Should Always Hire a Licensed Electrician

You should always use a licensed, legal and qualified electrician.  It’s not just about popular sayings, like “Prevention is better than cure” or “Better to be safe than sorry” but far more.   Quite simply electricity can kill.  Your home (or business) electrical system is not to be taken for granted and DIY work on your electrical system can be very dangerous.

Sometimes, we don’t have control over everything, but there are still several ways we can ensure safety and prevent accidents.  One of these is hiring a licensed electrician.


Here are some of the benefits of hiring a Licensed Electrician:


A licensed electrician has earned a state certification.

A certification by the state is required for all electricians to become licensed.  This is proof that s/he is trained for a certain required number of hours, knows the state codes and regulations, and takes safety as his number one priority.  For you, this isn’t just a piece of paper, it's peace of mind.

A licensed electrician’s work meets quality standards.

Licensing requires certain work to be done a certain way with proper training, which means hiring a licensed electrician guarantees that the work meets the industry’s quality standards.  Because you’re using a quality tradesperson, it means it’s done right the first time, won’t need rectification and done by someone who knows what they are doing; so actually in the end might actually cost less.

Insurance and inspections have to be done by licensed electricians.

If your home is getting an inspection for insurance purposes, you must be able to prove that your home follows state codes and regulations.  Insurers require a clear paper trail and quality work, which can be provided by your local licensed electrician.  Of course, if there is a fire or death there will be an investigation; your insurance will NOT pay out if you get caught using an unlicensed operator.

Licensed electricians have trade accounts and so have access to quality products.

They will know what is quality and what is rubbish; they won’t use rubbish products that are likely to be recalled or cause you grief.   So before you head off to your local hardware chain, check with your electrical contractor what price s/he can get for you – whether it be fans, smoke detectors, lights or points.

Peace of mind.

If you’re working on a budget, there are many ways you can save a dollar here and there, but working with electricity is not one of them.  Your home going up in flames and putting your family at risk is just not an option anyone should consider.   Give yourself peace of mind so you can sleep well (and safely) at night.


According to Safe Work Australia, there were deaths every year relating to electricity, gas, water and waste services.  Don’t put yourself, your family, your workers or customers at risk; only use a licensed and qualified electrician and don’t become a statistic!

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