Winter Fire Safety Checklist

During winter, fire safety checklist is important to know.  Households have higher usage rates for electrical appliances. Electrical blankets, heaters and other electrical equipment are used deeply throughout this heating season. Almost half of all fire fatalities in Queensland are recorded during this short season.  Electricians and fire protection specialists urge every family to be vigilant and protected against fire especially in the colder months where there is an increased risk of house fires and mortality.

Here is an Update on Queensland's New Smoke Alarm Laws.

It is a common knowledge that prevention is always better than remedy. Smoke alarms, fire blankets and fire extinguishers are fundamental tools for defending our homes from fire. However, knowing what to do and keeping all of these items are somehow a better option than just having them inside our homes. Household owners should have a simple checklist that they can run through and make acquainted with by heart before living the house or going to bed. However, undemanding these things can be, they can powerfully save human lives and property damages.

Here is a recommended fire safety checklist that household owners can follow to avoid fire and be safe throughout the winter season.

1. Have a sufficient number of proper smoke alarms installed in your homes and test them regularly.  Appropriate smoke alarms that are working well are indispensable line of defense and can detect fire in their earliest sign. These alarms should be installed at the usual vantage points inside the house. Their batteries must be replaced annually and the alarms should be tested at least once a month.

2. Heater is one of most necessary appliances during this cold season. Use only the authorized ones or heating appliances that conform to your country’s standards.  Keep them clean and in proper working condition. Examine their electrical cords and replace immediately if they are cracked or damaged. Also make sure that they are placed at least a meter away from any item that could potentially burn and turn them off when leaving your homes.

3. Heard the famous line “Keep looking while cooking”? Stay true to this quote and never leave cooking unattended. If you actually need to leave the kitchen for more than a few minutes, make sure to switch off the oven or stove to prevent fire. Watch out for whatever items that are near the range or stove. Kitchen fires are one of the most common fires that can bring frightening fatalities once taken for granted.

4. For households with fireplaces, make sure to keep the chimneys clean and properly ventilated. It is also best to place a screen or mesh guard in front of the fireplace to prevent sparks and embers from flying in the open fire. Ensure that the fire is completely smothered before leaving the fireplace.

5. For electrical blankets, make sure that they are properly examined for damaged or frayed cords before placing them on the bed. Test it by laying it flatly on top of the bed, switching it on for five minutes and confirm if it is working properly before putting it to bed.

6. Open flames such as candles and gas lamps should be appropriately taken care of. Do not set them near curtains, tablecloths and other fabrics and paper items that can dangerously catch the fire. Extinguish all open flames before going to bed or leaving the room.

7. Wet clothes should never be placed near fireplaces and heaters. Place them at least one meter away. If you are using clothes dryer, ensure that the lint filter is meticulously cleaned each and every time it is used.

8. Only one appliance is recommended per power point. Do not forget to switch them off whenever not in use. In addition, do not piggyback cords on power boards or double adapters.

9. Keep candles, matches, electrical heaters and other flammable items away from children. Never allow the young ones to play with anything that can cause fire and jeopardize your safety. Educate them on the importance of being safe and protected against fire especially during winter season.

10. Make sure that the whole family knows at least two safe ways out of every room in your home. You can create a written home getaway plan in case of fire and make sure that the whole family practices it regularly. Also, familiarize your local fire emergency numbers to contact in case of fire breakout.

There are so many accidents that resulted from being lenient when it comes to taking care of necessary items inside our household. When it comes to fire safety, it is highly advisable to always seek the skills of professionals. Registered electrician should have a regular inspection on all of electrical components inside our homes. This might be an expensive way but it will greatly affect the safety and general well-being of the whole family. Making sure that smoke alarms and heaters are working properly and keeping furnaces and fireplaces cleaned and appropriately inspected are some of the primary ways that most household owners take for granted. This should not be the case. The kids in the family should also be properly educated so that they will also take responsibility of keeping their abode protected and out of harm's way. With proper care and utmost preclusion, we all can keep our family away from fire accidents especially during winter season. The simple checklist explained above and some professional help from electricians are amazing tools to prevent your home from becoming a victim of the dangerous fire fatalities that has victimized so many lives and properties in the past.

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