Safety Checklists

Thought I’d share with you an Electrical checklist of safety items to ensure safety in your home or business premise:

  • Keep your house clean and clutter-free. Overloading increases fires and damages.
  • Don’t store things on top of appliances and keep combustibles away from appliances.
  • Ensure electrical outlets are not overloaded, no exposed wirings, and in good condition.
  • Ensure electrical cords are away from hot appliances, not under rugs or furniture legs, and are kept tidy and untangled.
  • Electric appliances are used away from water.
  • Ensure switch plates are not lose or broken, no crackling or buzzing sound, no odor (burning smell) or discoloration, and not hot to the touch.
  • Hands are not wet when turning on or plugging in appliances and turning on switches. Ensure metal jewelries are not worn.
  • Safety caps and outlet covers are in place especially when there’s children in the house.
  • Ensure there’s a fire escape plan and everyone in the household knows where the meetup point is in case of emergencies. Have an electrical safety chart for kids.
  • Ensure first aid kit is complete and accessible.
  • Ensure small appliances are turned off and/or unplugged whenever people leave home.
  • Label extension cords, lights and appliances for indoor/outdoor use.
  • Never leave the stove on and unattended.
  • Only use candles when necessary, and never use it as emergency lighting. Properly extinguish candles and other smoking materials with water after using.
  • Ensure that smoke detectors are inspected regularly, and test each smoke detector using the “test” button. Vacuum dust from outside smoke detectors.  Replace with new batteries if necessary.
  • Ensure that appliances are regularly maintained.
  • Ensure circuit breakers are properly labeled.
  • Ensure that regular inspections are performed by your local electrician.

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