Update on Queensland’s New Smoke Alarm Laws

Following 1 January 2017, all home building applications are required to have interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms in every part of the house particularly on bedrooms and hallways connecting the bedrooms.  This applies to both new and renovated residences.

In addition, other home requirements will be phased 10 years and beyond.

Interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms will be obligatory as from:

  • 1 January 2022 in all residences rented and vended
  • 1 January 2027 in all other residences

As a way of complying with the new laws established, residents can install any of the 240V smoke alarms and non-removal 10-year battery smoke alarms.  Significantly hardwired 240V photoelectric smoke alarm should replace any existing hardwired 240V smoke alarm.  However, only licensed electricians are allowed to install all hardwired 240V smoke alarms.  For old and existing residences, the combination of 240V and battery operated smoke alarms and wired and wireless interconnectivity is allowed lawfully for old and existing homes.

Further information

For additional information on the new smoke alarm law and requirements, you may visit the website here.