Queensland Business Energy Saving and Transformation Rebates

Round 1 opens 5 October 2023.  Closing 30 June 2025 or once the allocated funding has been exhausted  Further rounds are expected in February and August 2024.

Rebates of up to 50% for the purchase of eligible energy-efficient equipment and installation costs (GST ex) for a maximum of $12,500.  $8,000 minimum spend is required. This can be multiple purchases of equipment and installation costs.  Date of purchase must be from 5 October 2023 and fully paid. Equipment is not to be used to start a business.


  • Must have active ABN
  • GST registered
  • Not a public company
  • Operating in Queensland
  • Between 2 and 199 employees full-time (including business owner)
  • Have not previously received funding.

Below is the list of qualified purchases for rebate:

  • Energy efficient appliances – 4-star energy rating or better
    • air conditioner
    • clothes dryer
    • clothes washer
    • computer monitor
    • dishwasher
    • heat pump hot water system, if the installation is to replace an electric or gas storage hot water system
    • electric-boosted solar hot water system, if the installation is to replace an electric storage hot water system
    • refrigerator or freezer
    • pool pump
    • television
  • Energy efficient commercial refrigerator or freezer (e.g. walk-in refrigerator, refrigerated display case, refrigerated vending machine)
  • Electronically commutated fan motor, if the installation is to replace another type of fan motor
  • LED lighting
  • Motion sensor, light level sensor or timer for lighting appliance
  • Motor classified in the IE3 or IE4 category under the IEC standard, if the installation is to replace the EI1 or EI2 category under this standard
  • Variable-speed air compressor
  • Variable-speed chiller, if the installation is to replace a fixed-drive chiller
  • Variable-speed drive unit for a pump or fan.

Installation if required for the equipment must be done by a licensed contractor.  Read more info here.

We don’t put in your application, though more than happy to quote or perform works once you are successful in attaining the grant.  Call me at 0403 026 531.